Educating Centralians since 1938

Sadadeen Homework Centre

Homework is a vital part of the educational process. It provides opportunities for students to reinforce skills, gain a better understanding of the subject matter, and extend their thinking through research and application. Homework helps students hone their work habits, organisational skills and establish a study routine as-well-as increasing their ability to work independently and responsibly. In addition, homework connects parents/guardians with what their children are learning in school. Educational research indicates that students who maintain an appropriate homework regime demonstrate significant gains in academic achievement.

The Homework Centre will run five afternoons a week from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the library. It is important that students check the schedule as there will be a few afternoons the Homework Centre is not available due to other activities. Once the centre is closed for the day students will be expected to return home. Those students without their own transportation are welcome to wait outside the Front Office for someone to pick them up. Please be advised that this area is not supervised.