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Inclusion Support

At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College we believe all students have the right to access a broad and balanced education that will prepare them for participation in society. They have the right to an education that meets their individual, cultural, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs as lifelong learners.

We believe each child is made in the Image of God and is a unique creation of God who has the right to be educated with their peers, accepting each other as unique individuals blessed with gifts that will enrich the school community.

OLSH Catholic College is committed to equity for all students. Equity is ensuring each student receives what they need, not everyone receiving the same thing. We acknowledge different styles of learning and utilize a variety of methodologies and programmes to cater for varying needs.

We are supported by both the Catholic Education Office and the Department of Education and Training in assessing and diagnosing students with diverse needs as well as assisting us provide quality education programmes which support students in achieving their maximum potential. Diverse needs identified include intellectual, academic, sensory, physical, social/emotional, language/communication and specific learning disabilities.

OLSH undertakes periodic screening assessments to monitor progress and identify students requiring support. Any student who performs below benchmark in both English and Maths has access to intervention and support. OLSH employs trained learning support staff to work with explicit teaching strategies on programmes such as Corrective Reading, Reading A-Z, Spelling Mastery, Understanding Words, Words Their Way, Quicksmart Maths and Therabee for EAL. OLSH has recently undertaken to implement THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Strategies) throughout its junior campus, overflowing into the middle and then senior campuses.

Students who require support are assisted in the class with an ISA (Inclusion Support Assistant)
. In some instances, depending on need, students may be withdrawn from mainstream classes to work in small groups. Withdrawal support classes focus on building self-esteem and developing positive learning experiences within a safe, supportive environment to promote willingness to have a go and attempt new tasks or to consolidate prior learning. Our staff are committed and passionate to interact positively with all students and especially students with diverse needs.

In addition, the Inclusion Support Team endeavours to create positive working relationships with varying community organizations to enable our middle/senior students to participate in meaningful and enjoyable work experiences to enable them to develop their communication skills, confidence and skills required for the workforce.

In conclusion, the Inclusion Support Team works in partnership with parents to promote the best possible outcomes for each individual identified as benefitting from inclusion in our programs.