Educating Centralians since 1938

Getting to and from OLSH

By Bus
Each campus of the College is serviced by the local school bus service which runs each morning and afternoon. For detailed information concerning these services visit:

Adobe IconDownload the Northern Territory government's Code Of Conduct For School Bus Travel

By Bicycle
A number of students ride to and from school. Facilities to secure bicycles are available to students on each campus. Students are responsible for securing their bicycles.

By Car
Parents find it convenient to drop off their sons and daughters as they come to work. Each campus has designated “Stop, Drop and Go” zones or short term parking areas. Senior students, who have a drivers license may, with the permission of parents and the Principal, drive to school.

Bath Street KISS 'N' GO
The KISS 'N' GO zone is aimed to help overcome the level of local traffic congestion experienced during the morning set-down and afternoon pick-up of school children in Bath Street. The set-down and pick-up arrangements have been made in conjunction with and approved by the Alice Springs Town Council. These arrangements are set out in the OLSH College KISS 'N' GO pamphlet.

Adobe IconDownload the KISS 'N' GO pamphlet